Beyond Your Bond Demo

by Payday

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Recorded and mixed by Tom Pimlott.
Mastered at North London Bomb Factory.

Tapes available soon via Quality Control Records.


released May 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Payday London, UK

London Straight Edge

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Track Name: Payday/Pound For Pound
Claims of your strength, never maintained. Weak as those you said would never become. Abide and adhere, you crumble in fear. Infection you don't have the backbone to shake.

Watch you break
Watch you go

Feeble, naive. Lifestyle of greed, take and you take. But what have you gave back? Share of the haul,when you've done fuck all. Your scene but what have you done for it?

Watch you break
I'll watch you go

Time and time you let us down, lies run through you pound for pound. Your change don't mean you've outgrown me, it just means you never had the balls to stay.
Track Name: Beyond Your Bond
Where is your loyalty? Now you've got a name. Where we just here to put up with your bullshit. Said we were friends, said we were the same.

Your Words
They don't hold a shred of truth
They just
Inflate your ego
Self righteous Fruit

You think I'm the fool, you think you're the shit. But No one believes a word that you say. Booze and drugs, you've found your crutch.

Go and put me down
Try to take the me out of me
You go and tell me I'm wrong
But the jokes on you, you fucking clown
Track Name: Deviant
Deviants changing face is showing. Urge to lose control is growing, discipline of mind is going. Sacrificed your pride, nowhere left to hide.

You're fucking scum, your time is up. It's time to face what you become.

You can't control your innate urge. To put your needs above everyone else

Deviants changing face is showing. Urge to lose control is growing

Vermin, no shame. But now you're exposed for what you are. Shown the world what you fucking are.
Track Name: Whitewash
So consumed by an idea of what's pure. The lines of right and wrong begin to blur. Your white saviour complex runs right through you. You can't discard your privilege with a guise of false concern.


You're more concerned by how good you've felt. Don't throw your crumbs my way, you've acted too long to uphold this pose. I'll pull off your halo cause I've seen right though.

Pretender, you've said enough.

These noble ways, all part of your indulgent phase.

Careless, reckless. Too wrapped up in your own world.